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Other magic styles

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Other magic styles[edit]

The Ancient Praovéan system fills the Balto-Slavic role, an ancestor of Russian analogues in the same way that German equivalents originated from Belka and the Romance languages parallel Galean-descended styles. Yevent, by the same measure, takes a Hellenic role that produces Greek correspondents, and the magic systems used by Ossiria could be compared to Indo-Iranian, the source of Indian languages.

In the modern day, there are at the very least equivalents to Russian (descended from Praovéan), Spanish (another Galean-descent), Danish (Belkan-derived) and most other commonly spoken languages of Indo-European descent. The TSAB has documented hundreds of magic systems - 891, by the 0064 census, and still increasing. Many of these are relatively recently developed styles - the Warring States was a time of strife and struggle, but it was also an explosion of magical ingenuity and development which, while it has slowed since the New Calendar was set up, has still not entirely ceased.

When making new magic styles, try to work out what they were created for, what the niche they fill is, and thereby conclude what their strengths and weaknesses are, where they specialise and where they fall down. Try also to stay inside the Indo-European family tree, as this makes relating them to other existing styles much easier, and it is suggested that you do cursory research the language you are creating a parallel to, if only to choose a name that sounds similar to the words in said language and to translate the names of the spells correctly.

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