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Neo-Belkan (style)

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Neo-Belkan (style)[edit]

A number of Neo-Belkan styles exist, equivocating to German, and similar or near-identical to that which Subaru and Erio use. They were developed by mixing elements of other styles into pure Ancient Belkan in order to give the results a broader scope than a near-pure focus on combat, and while they have lost a little of their combat edge, the increased versatility makes up for it. Despite the addition of useful non-combat effects, however, they are still very much oriented around close-quarters combat and breaking things. Neo-Belkan styles tend to see a lot of use on border worlds where the TSAB doesn't hold much sway, where petty warlords and fiefdoms are still the rule of thumb.

Neo-Belkan sigils look broadly similar to Ancient Belkan ones in terms of structure, though a closer examination can see Mid-style influence in the smaller circles at the triangle points and the centre.

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