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Myedoan (style)

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Myedoan is a "French" style descending from Galean. Developed along a rather circuitous route from its ancestor system, it took the environmental and non-combat elements and used them to make a construction style made for building things. A powerful Myedoan-user with a well-made Construction Device could build roads, houses - infrastructure, in short. It saw a lot of use as wars and squabbles devastated areas with weapons of wide-scale destruction, as people got up and carried on, casting with this style to repair the damage and mass-produce simple, necessary items like water purifiers and crop harvesting tools. While mostly useless for combat, it is invaluable once the fighting is over and essential to a large-scale functioning society.

Myedoan casting sigils are similar to the Galean ones from which they descend, though the neutered style consists only of a single figure-of-eight, with small circles at the outermost point of each loop and a slightly larger one in the centre.

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