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Midchildan (style)

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Midchildan is the English-analogue style, and the most commmonly used in TSAB space. Technically, it's a Belkan-derived "Germanic" style, but it has stolen and incorporated huge amounts of Galean-descended "Romance" elements to come up with a catch-all system that's fairly good at everything, reasonably generic, and which offers a great deal of flexible support to most effects you can achieve with magic. While it lags behind neo-Belkan styles for sheer combat power and can't compare to Myedoan in churning out mass-production lines, it can make a passable attempt at both, and for this reason it's the sanctioned, official style of the TSAB, who need to be able to turn their hand to everything.

Midchildan casting sigils are circular, with two overlapping squares inside the outer circle that in turn enclose a smaller circle at the centre.

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