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Welcome to Gamesverse Wiki!

A Wiki for collating information on the 'Gamesverse' setting.

About this site

A wiki for collecting information and links on the Gamesverse setting; a fanfiction reinterpretation of the Lyrical Nanoha universe. The Gamesverse project aims to be a collection of fan-created explanations, setting details, worldbuilding, characterisation and cosmopolitical information for the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, drawing on canonical material up until the end of Sound Stage X (and cherry-picking select details from ViVid). It extrapolates from what is shown and said to build an internally consistent, logical and realistic universe which authors can use as background to their stories.

It explicitly ignores Force, and will discard the occasional idea or concept which is badly implemented, unrealistic or setting-breaking. These will be noted, and alternative explanations which produce similar results will be given in their places. The primary source of this bank of worldbuilding is the fanfic Game Theory, also found on Spacebattles and TV Tropes. Links will be provided to the original explanations of various concepts on the Spacebattles threads. This fanon is designed to fit equally well with the Game Theory timeline and the canon one as needed, and any differences due to divergences between the two will be noted as they become apparent. The primary authors of the project are Aleph (Immatrael) and EarthScorpion, both of whom encourage anyone who wishes to use elements of it in their work to do so, whether they be single ideas or the entire expanded setting.


Main Canon:

Game Theory: Spacebattles,

Power Games: Spacebattles,

Side stories:

Another Way:

Teatime With Tea: Spacebattles, (Game Theory spoilers)

Additional Links:

TvTropes Page

Other stories set in the Gamesverse:

Ragazza Magica Renza Veneti Spacebattles, (Madoka fusion)



  • This wiki was started! (01/05/2013)

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