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Kabupatenic (style)

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Kabupatenic is a Dutch-analogue style that makes heavy use of energy weapons able to take a heavy beating or survive without maintenance - their Devices effectively being AK-47s, able to keep functioning even after sustaining heavy wear or damage - and around fighting opponents who are far bigger, stronger and more magically powerful than the practicioner by using skill, deflections rather than blocks (so as to waste less power), ambient mana sources and submission moves aimed at weak areas. It was designed for weak, C-D rank mages to fight the far more powerful leftover Belkan nobles who tried to set up city-states and kingdoms, of which there were many, and was relatively successful in this, at least in groups. At a technique level, there is also a widespread use of pseudo-familiars such as magical automata, used as auxiliary fighting aids instead of pure, permanent magical constructs.

Kabupatenic sigils show their Belkan influence, and are hexagonal. Three of the points have smaller circles, forming a Belkan-triangle structure within the hexagon, and an inner square is situated at the centre.

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