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Elite team

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The Elite team are a unit within the TSAB Armed Forces


Zest Grangaitz[edit]

An experienced and deadly Belkan spear-user, the name "Captain Grangaitz" is fairly well-known amongst the TSAB Ground Forces, and is being considered for promotion to Major. He's an Investigator who was assigned to the theft of the Shroud of the Saint King until the Jewel Seed case cropped up as being more important, and is not at all happy about being transferred away from it because some silly tit is messing about with a multi-dimensional threat. He's in his forties, but is still monstrously powerful; an S+ rank mage with two or three decades of service behind him (and believe me, he has seen combat in that time). His style is based on enormous speed and horrendous power, sufficient that if he gets a solid hit in on you, the fight is basically over (Fate's insane speed is more or less the only reason that she escaped that fight with only severe bruising). Physically he's a giant, towering above most people and boasting a chest that might as well have been carved out of granite, and biceps that are probably bigger than Nanoha's legs. Do not be fooled into thinking he's a big dumb brute, the mind behind that stony face is very, very perceptive and disconcertingly good at working out what's going on in a situation, not to mention being a frighteningly good tactician by dint of sheer, raw experience.

Quint Nakajima[edit]

The second bruiser of the squad, Quint is actually the friendliest of them, being generally laid back and somewhat maternal. She's happily married to her husband, Genya, who is in his early forties and is about six years older than her, but they have no children since she's infertile. They're thinking about adopting, though that's not gone anywhere yet. She's also built like a tank, and while she's not the blocky, overtly muscular cliff face that is her commanding officer, it's still impossible to look at her and not see the athletic lines of corded muscle under the skin. She's an AAA rank Warrant Officer and a Belkan-user, who uses two Revolver Knuckles and her roller-skates in combat to devastating effect. As Nanoha found out the hard way, her Wing Road allows her to change direction with astonishing rapidity in mid-air - more so, in fact, that straight fliers, as she has something to push against when turning and can therefore pretty much go through 180 degrees in a single body length. She can fly normally, but the agility provided by Wing Road and the "heaviness" of her Barrier Jacket mean that she rarely bothers. The layered metal plates, like Roman armour, aren't just for show - she can shrug off most attacks casually and punch through those she can't, and trying to slow her down just meets the bind-shattering or barrier-breaking elements of her arsenal. All in all, she's a terrifyingly fast and nigh-unstoppable juggernaut who can smash clean through your defences and then either knock you out with a love tap or splatter you over the pavement. Despite that, the smiling face and friendly attitude make it easy to forget, and she often plays "good cop" to Zest's intimidation when following up leads on Investigator missions.

Megane Alpine[edit]

Yes, she is a Belkan-era noble. No, she would rather not talk about it. Her domain, such as it is, consists of a France-sized area of a Type-5 world (high intensity UV blue sun) which is about a mix of mountains and dense UV-feeding plants which are incompatible with earth-life and cause allergic reactions. It contains a dilapidated fortress-castle, a few ruined cities, some depleted mines and a whole lot of bugger-all-else. You pretty much have to wear sunglasses, heavy clothing and a mask to go outside, and Megane hates the place with a fiery passion. It doesn't net her any money, and her responsibilities to the place actually drain money. The title (Countess Palatine Alpine, in case you were wondering) is more or less useless, and if she could dump the whole shebang, she would. Unfortunately, she can't. She's a lovely person if you get to know her, but getting past her instinctive ice-wall of haughty-Belkan-noble against strangers is remarkably difficult, and while she takes orders from her chain of command just fine, trying to force her into stuff tends to raise old hackles. She is a bit arrogant, but as an AAA rank summoner of a pure lineage who has access to her clan's entire arsenal up to the apex summon Hakutenou and two decades of experience in using it, she would argue that it is at least somewhat justified. She's the support mage of the team, boosting the other two even further than they can already go in combat situations while her summons protect her and aid them. In an Investigatory role, her smaller summons are excellent information gatherers and bugs (heh), and like Lutecia, she also has variants that can take control over most kinds of electronics. She's a whizz at gathering information in other ways as well, and serves as the researcher for the team, which has become her primary role since her pregnancy. She's not married, and in fact prefers women, but as a pure-line summoner, she falls under the TSAB's policy of not wanting unique genetic legacies to go extinct and they've offered to pay all expenses incurred in raising the child since conserving the bloodline and abilities is a public good, so she allowed them to select a good match from a sperm bank and is eight months into her pregnancy with Lutecia. She misses her feet. Like Quint, she's a Warrant Officer in her late thirties.

This is pasted from an “infodump” post by one of the authors, found here
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