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Combat Cyborg Incident

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The 064-065 Combat Cyborg Incident

The Combat Cyborg Incident (hereby referred to as 'the Incident') which occurred over the years 064-065 stands as an example of the need for better internal monitoring of internal Time Space Administration Bureau activities, as well as the worrying degree to which the military-industrial complex has influence at the highest levels of decision making. This following report is a brief summary of the events to familiarise readers with the incident.

At 01:37 on 065.11.19, a report was sent to the Passenborn local fire department on Administered World 009 (Vaithi) with regards to a fire on the premises of United Processes, a private corporation focussed on medical research, and with links to the Ground Forces. The call also reported clear signs of magical disturbance within. The fire department deployed, and were rebuffed by the United Processes security forces, who insisted that the incident was under control. At this point, the case was referred to the Passenborn local security forces, and further video footage indicating clear evidence of the use of military grade magitech was forwarded. A security cordon was established, and reinforcements sent by the Ground Forces to back up the civil police following a request from forces on the ground.

Ground Force units attempted to move upon the facility to aid with the fire and investigate the weapons discharges, only to be rebuffed again by United Processes security teams. During discussions, both parties came under fire from unknown sources within the building, and Ground Forces troops returned fire. United Processes claimed that this was the security systems playing up due to damage from the fire, and requested that troops pull back while the blaze was extinguished, linking local forces to the model of automaton used for defence, for which they had all necessary licences.

It is at this point that it is alleged that Captain Zach Branekborn (ZB) of the Ground Forces attempted to recall the local forces back to a security cordon, citing the need to maintain a safe distance due to possible dangerous chemicals within, while the United Processes security teams bought the fire under control. ZB's ordered were contradicted by Warrant Officer Quint Nakajima (QN) of the Ground Forces Investigation wing, on the grounds that it was an active crime scene, "they didn't let the real firefighters in", and she "would be damned if [ I ] gave them a chance to clean up their dirty mess". ZB again ordered QN to stand down, only for QN to cite the fact that as a shareholder in United Processes ZB was under a conflict of interest in this case. It was at this point that ZB ordered his forces to arrest QN, whereupon QN placed ZB under arrest. ZB incurred minor injuries, including a dislocated arm, in the arrest.

Tactical command of the assault team was passed to QN due to her rank and expertise at such operations. She delegated command of the perimeter to Warrant Officer Megane Alpine (MA), and remarked, "Streben-Kaisers, Zest is going to be pissed that all of this happened when he was on leave." - this here refers to the nominal commander of their unit. QN also (and irregularly) requested assistance from two Enforcers she had personal contact with, and passed custody of ZB over to them.

Upon entry, forces led by QN discovered what appeared to be nothing less than an active warzone, between United Processes security forces, and individuals using field-hacked Devices of the same model used by UP, with similar Barrier Jackets. Previously unknown casting circles were seen, and quickly it was observed that the unknown forces appeared to be partially cyberised. Conversations with UP employees under fire produced mention of "those freaks from the labs", and "riots", and this led to QN directing MA to directly refer this to the Enforcers, as a case of possible direct violation of TSAB laws on human experimentation. The "riot" was suppressed, with moderate casualties and 5 fatalities (4 of which caused when explosions in the sub-basement collapsed the roof on a squad) on the part of the Ground Forces. Forces led by QN secured vital evidence, extinguishing fire in the vicinity until it could be passed directly to Enforcer teams.

Within the compound, the "rioters" appear to have been individuals from non-TSAB worlds fitted with a variety of experimental cybernetic devices. The date of implantation varied from upwards of ten years ago to within the last week, and some appear to have had this done progressively, as an experiment. Several showed extreme rejection issues, and interviews revealed that the spark-off point for these riots had been the death of multiple individuals in surgery in the past week. The individuals appear to have been recruited by a number of means from Unadministered and Aligned Worlds; some were already amputees, while others insist that their "replacement organs and limbs" replaced healthy tissue.

Moreover, more shockingly, found in a subterranean element of the facility were numerous children. Analysis quickly revealed that they had been extensively cybernetically modified to a degree believed previously impossible, and that the ones who appeared to be "brothers" and "sisters" were in fact identical clones. From this, it indicates nothing less than a deliberate and focussed effort to devise from-birth mages fitted with advanced implants fuelled by native linker core capacities, which can be grown in vitro. The so-called "Inherent System" they had been fitted with - though the phrase "built around" would be more apt - dubbed "Vibration Shatter" appears to be a form of attack optimised for destroying the solid-state lattices which are the basis of all modern computing technology, but are also exceptionally effective against materiel. Tests have revealed that they are capable of rendering a Storage Device inoperable in one or two enhanced blows, which would appear to be the key decision behind their production.

From this point, throughout 064 and early part of 065, raids carried out by Enforcer teams and Ground Force Investigation on both United Processes and elements of the Ground Forces has revealed a systematic corrupt involvement between private interests and the military. Numerous arrests have been made, and United Processes has been formally seized and had all activities suspended by the Bureau in preparation for a full and complete audit.

These child so-called 'Combat Cyborgs' consist of five discreet genelines of modified clones of prominent mages and/or knights. By the internal labelling system they are referred to XXXX-Type0Y, where XXXX denotes a unique four digit identification code, and Y represents the geneline. No names were issued, and all internal documents only refer to the combat cyborgs by their ID code. Internal structure indicates some degree of accelerated growth, so despite the fact that the eldest appears to be ten years of age, his date of creation is believed to have been more recent, although the degree of fast maturation has not yet been determined. The "donors" (investigations indicate that none of the mages participated willingly) are as follows;

Type-0a: Sulumo Raah (m)
Type-0b: Quint Nakajima (f)
Type-0c: Nemone Vanieth (f)
Type-0d: Regare L'Edal (m)
Type-0e: Samea Jurgenson (f)

The following characteristics have been noted of the individuals in question; all of them are TSAB employees, using Belkan-derived or physical-focussed Galean-derived styles, and all are at minimum AA-rank. None of them are bombardment specialists. They also all possess Rare Skills, with three tracing them to Belkan origin, one to Galean, and one to Ossirian.

The following combat cyborgs are currently in custody;

0004-Type-0c (foetal)
0002-Type-0d (foetal)
0003-Type-0d (foetal)
0002-Type-0e (foetal)
0003-Type-0e (foetal)
0004-Type-0e (foetal)

From the numbering sequence, and other data recovered, we believe the "missing numbers" are ones who either failed to gestate correctly, or had already been moved from this facility. The data suggests that work had begun on a Type-0f candidate, but it is unknown if they had developed a stable geneline.

All of the "donors" have been informed of this use of their genetic material, and have been offered counselling. It has been noted that Quint Nakajima and her partner have begun adoption proceedings for the two Type-0b cyborgs currently in the care system, and Samea Jurgenson has also expressed interest in involvement in the upbringing of the Type-0e cyborgs. This is felt to be the best fate for these children, and approval has been recommended.

This is pasted from an “infodump” post by one of the authors, found here
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