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The Backup Team are a military unit in the TSAB.


Tiida Lanster[edit]

Eighteen years old and a lieutenant already, he's competent and skilled, though still pretty green as far as actual experience goes. The Jewel Seed case is the first time he's actually dealt with a serious threat, and while he's trying not to show it, he's concerned for how unprepared his team are for events of this magnitude. He uses twin pistols in the Midchildan-based style that Teana took up in canon, and his magic is red. He loves his little sister, who is currently six, and has played the major role in raising since their parents died when she was a baby. Short, reddish-brown hair and the same blue eyes as his little sister. He's A-rank, on a mix of natural talent and hard work, and was meant to be putting his team of Officer Cadets through their paces to see if they had what it took to be promoted to lieutenant level themselves. That's... ah... sort of been knocked off-track slightly by the whole "Jewel Seed" thing, but they were the only team in the area, so their testing will have to wait. And it may work out well for them, as more than a few people will be eyeing up the team of young mages who have seen live combat and Lost Logia experience and proven themselves a useful support asset in solving it. They may be snapped up quite soon after the case is solved. If it's solved.

Heidi Zwischenfall[edit]

A seventeen-year old from a freezing cold Type-2 Aligned World called Schzenais which, despite its high tech level, is isolationist and refuses to do more than the minimum to get Aligned, with no public desire to become Administered. Her mother is one of the Magistrates just below the top-tier ones who collectively rule the habitable city-states there, and who don't want to join the TSAB because it would require actual elections (and thereby make them lose power). There are fairly strict laws there which Heidi... does not agree with. She was something of a political activist, and her mother eventually let her go to a school which ran a recruitment policy for the TSAB to get rid of her without embarrassment. She managed to get the grades to get one of their prized off-world placements, because she hated the cold, red-sun-lit Type-2 world and dreamed of going to a beach. Heidi is built to a larger scale than most people - not just tall, but correspondingly more massive. It means that she's actually taller than Tiida, despite being younger. She has very, very pale blonde hair, and quite pale blue eyes. She uses a staff Storage Device tuned for long-range with a sealed pen form, and is primarily a very precise ranged B-rank Mid-style sniper.

Rizu Jhanashdi[edit]

Soft-spoken and shy, Rizu was raised by her mother, Saralyn, who never actually married her father - it was a brief fling that they parted from on relatively friendly terms. She's a kind-hearted and empathetic soul, who tended to be very passive in her childhood and needed her half-sister, Mei, to pull her out of her shell. She was six when Mei's father died, and the loss hit her quite hard. It wasn't until she was thirteen or fourteen that a TSAB recruitment drive at her school caught her attention, and she found out about the field healers. That, along with a long discussion after the talk with the squad healer, gave her something to work for, and she decided to try and become a medic so that she could help people. She's not very good in combat, with her offensive options mostly limited to shotgun-like short-range blasts, aided by her Storage Device, a staff with a sealed "gloves" form. As a healer, she's getting ready to take her rank 2 tests, and has been reading ahead, though she's still very aware that she has a lot to learn, and is pretty inexperienced in actual battlefield medicine. The TSAB training has been good for her general self-confidence, though, and she's in better shape than she was. She has a slightly Indian look to her, with black hair and brown eyes. She's sixteen years old, C-rank at the moment, and has a rather massive crush on Tiida which he is, sadly, utterly oblivious to.

Mei Ereignis[edit]

With darkish green-silver hair and blue eyes, one darker than the other, Mei doesn't look like she shares a mother with Rizu at first glance. The shape of her face is similar, though, as is her skin tone. She's a year and a half younger than her sister, and turned fifteen fairly recently, having been in the TSAB since her fourteenth birthday. She used to be something of a delinquent, slacking off, getting into fights and generally messing around. At least some of it was to try and pull Rizu out of her shy shell, but it was mostly just being a bored, disruptive brat with social maladjustment issues. Her big sister joining the TSAB was a real shock, and she turned her life around when it happened, focusing a lot more on her studies and working hard to follow her into the Bureau. While she still messes around, she's basically a decent person, and has managed to bootstrap her way to Officer Cadet in just over a year, which is a fairly impressive feat. She's C-rank like her sister, and uses a style called Kabupatenic, which is a Belkan offshoot based around using energy weapons, ambient mana and several other methods to fight people more powerful than you are. It was developed to fight off stronger Belkan-users in the Warring States, and makes heavy use of stuff like soft deflections rather than blocking, and recycling as much mana as possible, because those that used it didn't have much in the way of large reserves. There's also extensive use of drone or robot familiars, but Mei doesn't have one of those yet. She uses an Armed Device that takes the form of an energy sword and buckler, with physical central sections that project a green mana blade and shield respectively.

This is pasted from an “infodump” post by one of the authors, found here
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