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Ancient Galean (style)

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Around the same time as Belka, the world of Galea either independently developed or co-opted the concept of standardised magic systems and Devices. Their flower-like casting circles supported a magic system that was less directly combat-oriented than Belkan, and which could be used to affect the world around them in various ways. Animated golems and environmental effects fell under their domain, and they took on several of the Alhazredian spells such as the Familiar uplift and the dimensional barrier - which Belka copied, true, but not in quite the same way. The Galean style of magic was not without teeth, however, as the Dark Kings and their Mariage proved with frightening force. Linguistically, Galean is the Latin to Belkan's Germanic, descended from the same root down another path.

Galean casting sigils are effectively two figures-of-eight that share the same centre and lie at ninety degrees to one another, with a smaller circle centred on the furthest point of each loop and a slightly larger one at the centre of the sigil .

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