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Ancient Belkan (style)

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Using the styles-as-language analogy, the magic systems of Ancient Belka take the role of Germanic - North, East and West respectively. Warlike and combative, the Ancient Belkans clung to a great deal of power by co opting Alhazredian technology. The cartridge system was developed not to grant bursts of power to break an enemy's defences, but rather just to get the insanely high-demand devices of the priest kings to work at all. The triangle-sigil Belkan system focused on high-powered, close-quarters anti-personnel combat, and they were the first to develop Armed Devices to take some of the calculation load off the caster. This alone gave them an edge over the priest-kings, and with the later development of Unison Devices and the transhuman augmentation of the Belkan Kings only solidified the victory. The nature of their Devices and style had solid reasons behind it - the Belkans were not as powerful as their priest-monarch predecessors in terms of raw reserves, and the physical nature of their Devices meant that even when drained of magic entirely, they still had deadly weapons, and could still very easily kill.

Ancient Belkan casting sigils are triangular, with a small circle at each point and a third in the centre, the latter overlaid by a four-pointed star.

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